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Our Services

We understand that everyone requires different support within their business. These are the services that we have created from the soul to help you within your business. Do you feel ready to start seeing results from your website, and get hours back in your business?

Web Design Strategy calls

I have a website, I am comfortable editing my website, but... I want to take it to the next level and create my dream website to land my ideal clients.

DIY Web Masters Package

My website needs a revamp and I would like some help to getting the most out of my website, with the tools and support from a professional web designer.

Web Design & Development Packages

I am ready to expand my reach and build an online home for my business that truly aligns with my core values as well as professionally built .

Feeling unsure what your business needs?

I am feeling unsure about what my business needs, and would like to chat through each option to find the right one for my business.


The process we have perfected to give you the best experience

Our Process

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the process you can expect when working with us to create your dream website that lands your ideal clients. Every step we take is to ensure that your website is both perfectly functional and well designed. We’ve carefully created this process to give you the professional website you have been dreaming about without all the stress.

Discovery call and questionnaire

We jump on a call to discuss what a dream website means to your business. We believe in getting to know our clients so that we can truly create a website that aligns with you.

Note pad, laptop, pen, and phone image on a table

Wire framing session

According to the package you choose, we create wireframes based on the primary goal of your website. This is an amazing experience that will give you an idea of what the structure of your website is going to look like!

Note pad and pen image

Design & Develop

Based on the wireframes created for your website and your branding, we create a mood board to show you what kind of themes and colours we will be using and dig into how your brand is going to play a key role on your website! We then go ahead and make your dream website a reality.

Arial shot of Simeron working at her desk

Test and maintain

This is what is going to make your website stand out and take it from DIY to professional! I will test your website and make sure it works well on mobile devices and is accessible to further expand your reach!

Simeron sitting at a table working on her laptop

Working with our clients is always a dream ...


By this point you might be wondering what is it truly like to work with us. We believe in full transparency at Design & Develop. Co and thats why you don't just need to take our word for it...
Read through these testimonials from our clients who have worked with us time and time again to help them with all of thier web design and development needs, and see if this aligns with the kind of experience you want from your website expert.
Rebecca Peters portrait shot

Thanks Simeron for building my amazing website, I am so in love with it. I completely trusted in you when I said I’m leaving it up to you to design. I feel we are very aligned and 100% trust you. You were the easiest person to work with and are so genuine and helpful. Having you build my website took away so much stress for me as it is not my zone of genius. I could have fluffed around with it for months & never been happy. I know this is only going to enhance my business, it looks so professional, I’m proud to share the link and call it mine. I’ve had some lovely feedback already and can’t wait for people to start using it. It’s so good to be able to just give out my website link to new clients to see my services, book their discovery calls and sign up to my newsletters. You are amazing at what you do and made the process so easy. Thank you Sim, I will recommend you to my business connections. I look forward to adding my art to this website in the near future. Big love, Bec x

Rebecca Peters

Founder, Rebecca Peters Coaching


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the work you have done on my site. I have had people (not even customers) send me feedback to say how great the site is! It’s been so easy working with you and I love how transparent you are with the work you are completing for me in that I can see the tasks we agreed and where you are with each one… and our monthly check ins are great with keeping my site up to date and making any changes I need. Your also just a genuinely lovely lady!!!
I look forward to continuing to work with you. Thank you! X

Charlotte Wicks

Founder, Charlie Rose Women


I was desperately in need of a website for my company Urban Lens Visuals and I’ll tell you Design&Develop.co did save the day, working with Simeron to build the perfect website for my business was a dream, from the friendly consultations to the day by day developments of the website, I was impressed throughout the process. Ending the process with a professional, aesthetic, and innovative website was the best investment I made in 2020. Now, my cliental can easily navigate to find my services and I’ll be able to offer my cliental the best Customer service available. Thank you so much Simeron and Design&Develop.co

Rai Singh

Founder, Urban Lens Visuals


Websites that warm our heart and we'll love forever

Our Portfolio

We want you to see first hand what kind of websites we create so you can see what is possible for your dream website. We have worked with various different businesses spanning various needs and workflows. We believe in bringing together functional, beautifully designed, and seamless flowing user experiences to build your dream website.
Stockwellcare Homes Homepage Screen shot

Stockwellcare Homes

Stockwellcare Homes is a family run business providing specialist care to people who need it the most in London. Providing support for people with both physical and mental disabilities.

THE GOAL: To rebuild a website that aligns with the business goals, displays all of the services that Stockwellcare Homes has to offer, as well as a way to vet potential candidates who want to work with the business.

WHAT WE DID: We rebuilt the whole website using a CRM so that the website is easy to maintain by the business. We also implemented a businesses solution where the business can vet potentials candidates directly from the website.




Moon8waves is all about empowering women and helping them heal and grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. 💙💙🌘🌊

It is such an incredible business that has already helped so many women 👏🏽✨but now it was time to grow and reach more amazing females and help them find their true selves.

THE GOAL: Lilly wanted somewhere to send clients so that they could easily book services with ease in a way that wouldn’t be so manual, with an easy way for her client to pay, book, and check availability. As well as being able to find out more about all the different services and how much they cost, sign up to the email list, find links to all the desired social platforms, and learn more about their mentor.

This was all about creating a home and hub for the business.

WHAT WE DID: We built an online presence and brand alongside building a website that flows and is aligned with Lilly’s vision. Implemented an effortless booking system for her clients to book calls and sessions with her. This was integrated with a  payment platform so her clients can book and pay in one go.



Rebecca Peters Coaching

Bec is a business and lifestyle coach who is big on spirituality and helping women ditch the 9-5 and create a life that truly aligns with them without the cookie-cutter format.

THE GOAL: To have a website that aligns with Bec’s business and embodies creating her dream life. A place where Bec can put every branch of her business and life in one place. As well as a place to market Bec’s services and a way for dream clients to book calls with her. Bec also required a reusable sales page for Bec’s group coaching program.

WHAT WE DID: We combined every part of Bec’s life into one website and create a home for everything. Created Bec’s dream website with embodies the outdoors and nature vibes that Bec was looking for. Added in a calendar booking system for clients to book directly. Created a dream sales page that can be edited and reused over and over again. As well as fully optimising the website.


Urban Lens Visuals

Urban Lens Visuals is a local business who specialises in making your ideas a reality when it comes to video, photo, filmography, and editing. 

THE GOAL: To build an online space where they could present their services to their clients, be discovered online, create a home for their business, and display their portfolio. 

WHAT WE DID: We build a user experience for their website that would take their clients on a journey when they visit the website. This meant they would receive all of the information they needed at the right time and always have a clear CTA to hand when their IC was ready to hit that button.

Urban Lens Visuals produced the photography for videography for Design & Develop.Co.


Southfield Autos

This is what is going to make your website stand out and take it from good to professional! I will test your website and make sure it works well on mobile and is accessible to further expand your reach!



Saffron Care homes

This is what is going to make your website stand out and take it from good to professional! I will test your website and make sure it works well on mobile and is accessible to further expand your reach!


Chigwell Nursery

Chigwell Nursery is a local garden center in Essex and is a family run business that has been running for over 60 years! 

THE GOAL: Full website refresh. During the pandemic, Chigwell Nursury had to close its doors for a few months. They needed a way of communicating this to their loyal customers, which their current website didn’t allow them to do. 

WHAT WE DID: We scoped out the needs of the business – To be able to communicate and keep their customers up to date. We built a website that allowed them to get all the information out. 



Charlie Rose Women

Charlie Rose Women is all about empowering women everywhere, and not making self-care just a one-off thing. This monthly subscription is all about showing your body, mind, and soul the love it deserves.

THE GOAL: To bring someone on to the team who can take care of the website. Handle some of the design and development work and make sure the website is up to date every month.

WHAT WE DID: We applied the branding to the website and got the development side working exactly as intended. We also make sure that all of the content is up to date every month.


Eco Fix

This is what is going to make your website stand out and take it from good to professional! I will test your website and make sure it works well on mobile and is accessible to further expand your reach!


The Bakery Station

This is what is going to make your website stand out and take it from good to professional! I will test your website and make sure it works well on mobile and is accessible to further expand your reach!


'Just do it' - Sometimes this is the best way to start ...


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Interested in the soul behind the business?

About Design & Develop.Co

Hey there!

Welcome to Design & Develop.Co
We are web design and development specialists. We meet entrepreneurs where they are at in their businesses to help them grow their online presence to meet their dream website goals.
You may already know that part already… But what about the person who started this business… Who is she? Well here is an intro to that woman…
My name is Simeron & I’m a frontend developer with a background in graphic & web design. I have always been in this industry ever since school, uni and beyond! I spent years trying to find the right role for me. While I have worked in some amazing places, I’ve always had to compromise on parts of my role. I’ve always loved design and fell in love with Development & bringing my designs to life. I have a passion for empowering females and have always wanted to run my own business. It was May 2020 when I decided it was time to design the perfect ‘role’ for me, and combine all the things I love to help other budding wellness entrepreneurs achieve their dreams too, that’s why I started Design & Develop .Co.
Now some of the fun stuff! 
– I am a massive introvert and I love it!
– I don’t like tea or coffee but I LOVE hot chocolate with any plant-based milk
– I love being vegan! 
– I started my wellness journey 2 years ago and fell in love with keeping fit, eating delicious food, and maintaining a holistic lifestyle (I’m still on this journey so don’t mind the unhealthy relationship with popcorn! And my self confessed sweet tooth!)
– I am called a hippy by most of my family members
– I love superheroes – Batman is my fav of course 
– I enjoy baking, and gardening – especially growing my own fruit and veg 
But that’s enough about me I would love you get to know you! Let me know 5 things about you …
Simeron sitting on the grass with her laptop working
Image on Simeron siting ready to chat
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Interested in working with Design & Develop .Co?

Pricing Structure

We believe in full transparency and that's why we don't make you search the whole website to find out what our prices are. Our pricing structure will take you through all of the costs and what’s included in each package. We have listed our starting price for our custom Web Design and Development package as we believe every business has a different set of needs and we build these websites and packages to fit the needs of your business. Email us to book your FREE discovery call completely obligation-free.
Strategy Calls


Expert Session

  • 45 Minute Strategy Call
  • Full Website audit
  • User journey mapping
  • Break down of changes
  • Full check listed action plan
DYI Web Masters


Transform in
2 weeks

  • 45 Minute Strategy Call
  • Website Audit
  • User journey mapping
  • Breakdown of all changes
  • Full check listed action plan
  • 5 Professional 'how to' videos
  • 2 Personalised 'how to' videos
  • 2 Weeks of voxer support from your developer!
Web Design & Development Packages

£2k +

Done for you
in 4 weeks

  • Consultation
  • Wire-framing session
  • User journey mapping
  • Mood board
  • Website set up
  • Website build and development
  • Testing
  • 'How to' training For your business

Interested in what makes us qualified to build your dream website?

Why you should work with us

Are you interested in knowing what makes Design & Develop .Co experts in our field? Here are some of the reasons why working with us will get you the dream website you want that aligns with your core values and will land those dream clients.

8 Years
In the industry

We are not the new kids on the block… despite the business starting in May 2020. We have been in the online space since 2012, which is what has allowed us to grow into Design & Develop .Co

We work beyond
the template

It time to break free from the cookie-cutter templates. We have the skills and experience to bring your vision of a dream website to life without template restrictions.  


This is the reassurance we know you were looking for. We are WordPress wizards at Design & Develop. Co. We understand its capabilities and customisations.

Customer Service
Is always first

We have been working in customer service ever since 2013 and it’s one of our core values to make sure you are always happy with your website. This is why we spent so much time perfecting our process.

Not just a

We are not your average designers… being in the creative industry literally runs through the blood. We don’t just design, we can code too. This means we can really push the boundaries of what’s possible for your website. 

Degree in
Web design and Development

Just to really seal the deal, we have a degree in web design and development. This is a life long passion that we truly love doing. If you feel you are ready for a professional website it’s time to book that call with us today.

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You may have some questions...

Frequently asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that you may be wondering about when working with us. If you don't see your questions there, always feel free to get in contact and ask us direct. We are always happy to answer any questions you have. We know making this decision needs to feel right for you and that's why this section exists to help give you that clarity.

You will need to have all of your content ready before we start working together to guarantee deadlines are met and so we can build your website around your content. This is so we can create the best experience for your ideal clients.

On average it takes 3 – 4 weeks for a basic website. 

We will have a review process after every stage to make sure that you are happy with the progress and the direction of the website. There will also be 7 days after your website has been built to request any changes from us.

We will provide you with training on how to use your website as standard. Depending on which package you choose to go with we also offer website training packages to help you fully understand your website and feel confident about maintaining it.

Your website will be built in WordPress with Elementor. If Ecommerce is a BIG part of your website then your website will be built in shopify. 

Yes!! We offer maintenance for all websites that Design & Develop .Co have built as a separate package.

No hidden costs from me I will give you a full break down of where your money is going. Along with what the costs are before we start working together.

We can assist you in the purchase of your domain and hosting. This is an annual cost that you will need to pay once a year every year. This shouldn’t cost you anymore than £100 a year. This price is not included in the package prices as its an annual maintenance cost. However we will assist with the set up.

Yes the web design and development packages they are paid in payment plans. Most payment plans are paid in 2 50% parts. Once at the start of the project and the last payment on the agreed date at the end of the project.

Yes! We will add in all of the agreed content, before we hand your website over to you to then maintain. Maintenance packages are available. 

Nope this is not something we offer. However we can point you in the direction of some amazing people to help you with this!

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Find out whats going on behind the scene's at Design & Develop.Co

Our Blog

Want to know more about what we do and learn from our experts? We have posts and content that will help you when building and maintaining your own website. Get practical tips and tricks from us that can help you feel empowered about your website.
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How to audit your own website!
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Welcome to Design & Develop .Co!
Welcome to Design & Develop .Co Hello and welcome to Design & Develop .Co! It is so lovely to have you here. This is the very first blog post from us… We don’t plan…

Want to see behind the scenes of Design & Develop.Co? ...

Lets connect

If Instagram is your cup of matcha tea, then let's connect! We show up every day to share mini-trainings, tutorials, and much much more about all things, business, web design, and development. We would love to share this with you! Check out our latest posts and send us a DM.

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We would love the chance to get to know you and help you truly transform your website to feel aligned and professional. We know how much it means to you to work with the right business to build your dream website and make your vision of an online business come to life. In the words of Nike "Just do it" - if I had tried to wait for the perfect time to build my business I never would have started! Sometimes you just have to do it!
Trust me you will always thank yourself in the long run that you did!

Wondering where to find more information about Design & develop.Co? 

It’s time to book in that FREE discovery call! All you need to do is to fill in the form and hit ‘Send Message’ and so your website journey will begin!

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Please expect to hear back from us within 24 hours of sending your email or message. Thank you

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