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Simeron sitting on her laptop on the decking with her laptop

Hey! My name is Simeron and I am the founder and CEO of Design & Develop .Co

We are web design and development specialists. We meet entrepreneurs and online female service providers where they are at in their businesses to help them grow their online presence to meet their dream website goals.
You may already know that part already… But what about the person who started this business… Who is she? Well here is an intro to that woman…

My name is Simeron & I’m a frontend developer with a background in graphic & web design. I have always been in this industry ever since school, uni and beyond! I spent years trying to find the right role for me. While I have worked in some amazing places, I’ve always had to compromise on parts of my role. I’ve always loved design and fell in love with Development & bringing my designs to life. I have a passion for empowering females and have always wanted to run my own business. It was May 2020 when I decided it was time to design the perfect ‘role’ for me and combine all the things I love to help other budding wellness entrepreneurs achieve their dreams too, that’s why I started Design & Develop .Co.

A little fact file about the business


May 2020 – But we actually started freelancing way before then! Back in 2015!


My dream has always been to work for myself and run my own business. I wanted to live life on my terms and run a freedom-based business. I wanted to use my skills to help other female entrepreneurs by helping them stand out online so that they can stand out as an authority within their industries and spend more time growing and scaling the business that they love. 


Are you ready to take the next step in your business and start showing up as an authority?

Want to know what is it like to work with us?

Check out some of the testimonials and screenshots I have had from people who have already worked with us in the past and have shared their experiences.

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