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We feel so grateful to have worked with so many amazing and inspiring businesses so far. Check out some of the great businesses we have been working with and truly see what is possible for you when you work with us.

Rebecca Peters Coaching

Visit Rebcca Peters coaching where we have built a website that will grow with Bec. being a business and lifestyle coach she needed a website that was going to portray this and all the other ventures Becca has in her life.

Spirtuality, being outdoors, beach walks, art, crystals, painting, self love, business coaching, and photography... These are some of the words I would use to discribe Bec and the vibe we created for her website.

Design & Develop.Co website build

Bec is a business and lifestyle coach who is big on spirituality and helping women ditch the 9-5 and create a life that truly aligns with them without the cookie-cutter format.

THE GOAL: To have a website that aligns with Bec’s business and embodies creating her dream life. A place where Bec can put every branch of her business and life in one place. As well as a place to market Bec’s services and a way for dream clients to book calls with her. Bec also required a reusable sales page for Bec’s group coaching program.

WHAT WE DID: We combined every part of Bec’s life into one website and create a home for everything. Created Bec’s dream website with embodies the outdoors and nature vibes that Bec was looking for. Added in a calendar booking system for clients to book directly. Created a dream sales page that can be edited and reused over and over again. As well as fully optimising the website.



Meet Moon8waves a business souly based around empowering women and helping them to connect with their higher selves to create the life that they desire. Lilly wanted a website that reflected exactly this to all of her visitiors on the website.

We took this project from brand to business to give Lilly the online business solution she wanted to be able to serve and empower women on a greater scales and build a true home for her business.

Design & Develop. Co website build

Moon8waves is all about empowering women and helping them heal and grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. 💙💙🌘🌊

It is such an incredible business that has already helped so many women 👏🏽✨but now it was time to grow and reach more amazing females and help them find their true selves.

THE GOAL: Lilly wanted somewhere to send clients so that they could easily book services with ease in a way that wouldn’t be so manual, with an easy way for her client to pay, book, and check availability. As well as being able to find out more about all the different services and how much they cost, sign up to the email list, find links to all the desired social platforms, and learn more about their mentor.

This was all about creating a home and hub for the business.

WHAT WE DID: We built an online presence and brand alongside building a website that flows and is aligned with Lilly’s vision. Implemented an effortless booking system for her clients to book calls and sessions with her. This was integrated with a  payment platform so her clients can book and pay in one go.


Stockwellcare Homes

Meet Stockwellcare Homes which is a care home chain for both the physically and mentally disabled. This business supports people all over London assisting with specialist services. They wanted their website redone to align with this.

We wanted to bring this website into alignement with the rest of the business. As well as acting as a business solution for for Stockwellcare Homes as an efficent way to vet potential candiates.

Stockwellcare Homes Homepage Screen shot
After Design & Develop. Co website transformation

Stockwellcare Homes is a family run business providing specialist care to people who need it the most in London. Providing support for people with both physical and mental disabilities.

THE GOAL: To rebuild a website that aligns with the business goals, displays all of the services that Stockwellcare Homes has to offer, as well as a way to vet potential candidates who want to work with the business.

WHAT WE DID: We rebuilt the whole website using a CRM so that the website is easy to maintain by the business. We also implemented a businesses solution where the business can vet potentials candidates directly from the website.


Urban lens Visuals

Check out all of the stories behind Urban Lens Visuals and how we transformed their website to serve their business. To get them the results they truly wanted.

Urban lens visuals - Before
Before Website Transformation
After Design & Develop.Co Transformation

Urban Lens Visuals is a local business who specialises in creating making your ideas a reality when it comes to video, photo, filmography, and editing. 

THE GOAL: To build an online space where they could present their services to their clients, be discovered online, create a home for their business, and display their portfolio. 

WHAT WE DID: We build a user experience for their website that would take their clients on a journey when they visit the website. This meant they would receive all of the information they needed at the right time and always have a clear CTA to hand when their IC was ready to hit that button.

Urban Lens Visuals produced the photography for videography for Design & Develop.Co.


Southfield Autos

Check out all of the story behind the loved local business based in Leicester in the heart of England. Read about how we gave them the online space they were looking for.

We took this loved and local business from Leicester and built them an online presence to match their amazing google reviews!

Design & Develop.Co - Design and build

This is a long-standing family run business based in the heart of Leicester in the UK. They have long-standing loyal customers and new customers on a daily basis. They do more than just service your car they go above and beyond when it comes to customer service and offer both mechanical work and car purchasing. 

THE GOAL: Create an online space where new and existing customers can find out more about their services and find the latest information about the garage.

WHAT WE DID: We built an online home for this business where customers could visit to find out more information about the garage. Southfield Autos already had a great online presence to start with, this was demonstrated through their outstanding google reviews. We also create a professional space that was on-brand for the business.


Saffron Care Homes​

Meet Saffron Care Homes which is a care home chain for the disabled. This business has been running for over 25 years and wanted to redo their website to meet the growing needs of the business.

Design & Develop.Co - Design and build
After Design & Develop. Co website transformation

Saffron Care Homes is an incredible business that has been running for over 25 years to help those who require full-time care to supported living. It’s all about giving people the chance to still have a great quality of life with the care they require. 

THE GOAL: Redo the current website and bring it onto the new digital age. To expand their reach and illustrate what services they have to offer, and what level of care they can provide.

WHAT WE DID: Build a user experience that was going to take people on a journey when they visited the website to understand the level of service they offer and where their homes are based. We gave them a much clearer website that was on brand and aligned with the business’s core values.


Chigwell Nursery

Chigwell Nursery is a family run business that has been running for well over 60 years! They came to us for support during the global pandemic to help keep their business visible.

Design & Develop.Co - Design and build
After Design & Develop. Co website transformation

Chigwell Nursery is a local garden center in Essex and is a family run business that has been running for over 60 years! 

THE GOAL: Full website refresh. During the pandemic, Chigwell Nursury had to close its doors for a few months. They needed a way of communicating this to their loyal customers, which their current website didn’t allow them to do. 

WHAT WE DID: We scoped out the needs of the business – To be able to communicate and keep their customers up to date. We built a website that allowed them to get all the information out. 


Charlie Rose Women​

Charlie Rose Women is a female-run business that shows women that self-love and self-care isn't just a one-off thing, it's all about empowering yourself from within.

We were brought on board to work on this project after the main development work had been done, to maintain and design new features of the website.

After Design & Develop. Co website transformation

Charlie Rose Women is all about empowering women everywhere, and not making self-care just a one-off thing. This monthly subscription is all about showing your body, mind, and soul the love it deserves.

THE GOAL: To bring someone on to the team who can take care of the website. Handle some of the design and development work and make sure the website is up to date every month.

WHAT WE DID: We applied the branding to the website and got the development side working exactly as intended. We also make sure that all of the content is up to date every month.


Eco Fix

A great local business that is helping those through ensuring they have working boiler and instillations throughout their homes.

This website was all about giving Eco Fix a place where people could find out more about their services and qualify incoming leads.

After Design & Develop. Co website transformation

Eco Fix is a great company that is all about supplying boilers and instillations to those who qualify for these benefits under the government program. To ensure that everyone has access to hot water and insulated housing. 

THE GOAL: Build a website that has good SEO, and where people can find out what they are doing online, to give their business a home, to build a logo, and most importantly to qualify leads.

WHAT WE DID: Built a single page website and built the logo and branding to align with their brand values. Provided them with a system to qualify leads from their homepage. As well as providing full training to allow the business to full operate after the build to. 


The Bakery Station

The Bakery Station is a Family run business - lead by 3 Strong empowering women who are doing what they love through baking and putting smiles on people's faces with every single cookie!

We worked with the Bakery Station based in Essex to build them an online presence that allowed them to connect with their clients during the pandemic.

After Design & Develop. Co website transformation

The Bakery Station is all about supporting local businesses and creating delicious baked goods that truly make people feel good every time they indulge in one of their baked goods. Everything is baked from the heart to perfection.

THE GOAL: Build an online presence where The Bakery Station could still operate their business to full capacity and sell their baked goods even during a global pandemic.

WHAT WE DID: We built them both a brand and a website that truly embodied their core values and the kind of business they want to grow. The brand captured them as people, and where the business was heading. We also built a fully functional shop for them to be able to sell their baked goods to anyone online. This meant that they had a much wider reach and could operate effectively and efficiently. 



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