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How to audit your own website!


How to aduit your own website!

If you have built your own website and or you are looking to build your own website then keep reading this post! Because this one is for you…

It can be hard to know where to start when you build your own website and things can quickly become overwhelming

So I want to share some insight into how you can audit your own website! ⚡️

I am here with 3 tips you can start using right now to help you feel more aligned with your website and take steps in the right direction to create your dream website.

  1. When you land on your website ask yourself … “Do I know what this website offers?” Instantly! Without scrolling! (If it is easier get someone else to look at your website as it can be easy to be bias about your own website)
    If that answer is no… Then consider adding some copy over your header image that tells your visitor how you can help them straight away and reduce that bounce rate!
  2. Ask yourself “What is being sold?” – Is it obvious what you are selling? Are you talking about your services enough? …
    Do you have a services page / section on your website? Does it clearly state what you offer and what the benefits are of the transformation? AND how someone can purchase this or enquire for such service?
  3. Ask yourself “Is everything consistent across your website?” – Consistency = professionalism (in short)
    Make sure you are using the same headings and body fonts and ensire all of your main styles are consistent across your whole website! This will help to build that know like and trust factor.

This list is always my go-to when I start a website audit and is a great little check-in that you can do every once in a while (I would recommend once every 1-3 months) to make sure that everything on your website is serving a purpose and you are showing up in a way that feels professional and aligned with you and your business.

I hope this helps! 💝

PRO TIP: Save this blog post for later and make it part of your website maintenance strategy to ensure your website is always on point and it serving you and your clients! 🚀

Let me know how you get on with your mini-website audit by sending me an email, leaving a comment, sending me a DM via social or however suits you, and let me know if you have any questions at all.

Thank you for reading! ALSO if you would like a FREE mini-website audit done by me! Limited spots available for this then get in contact to get your FREE mini-website audit from me! So reply now, you have nothing to lose ❤️

I hope you have a lovely week! Speak soon ☀️

All the best, Simeron xx

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