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Welcome to Design & Develop .Co!


Welcome to Design & Develop .Co

Hello and welcome to Design & Develop .Co! It is so lovely to have you here.

This is the very first blog post from us… We don’t plan on making these posts super long, it is all about adding value to your day and serving your website needs!

Now, that’s done I guess I should introduce myself…

My name is Simeron and I am the entrepreneur that started this business. I am a professional software engineer, web developer, web designer, UX designer, and graphic designer. I have followed my passion ever since school, I loved design and IT. From a young age, I took my love for design and my natural skill on computers and put the two together. At uni, I did a mixed degree in web design and development where I covered EVERYTHING on the web from journalling to games development, but I knew I loved designing and building websites. I freelanced a little whilst at uni and went on to do a 3-month training course in full-stack development. Then it was time to ‘get a real job’. I worked at a start-up for 7 months as a web developer and then moved to the biggest cancer charity in Europe where I learned so much and got to work with so many incredible people and work on websites that sees thousands and millions in traffic.

My dream has always been to run my own business in particular my own web design and development business, I love coding, designing, and business so this just felt right. I have a global pandemic to thank for giving me the push I needed to actually get going.

Why I started my business…

‘Because I have always wanted my own business’ being the main driver but there are also other reasons I started which I will list out:

  • To use my knowledge to help those who need it
  • To serve a higher purpose and make a difference and impact in the web design and development industry
  • To wake up and do what I love every day
  • To build my dream lifestyle
  • To work a 4 day week
  • To have financial freedom
  • To live life on my terms

To be honest with you the list could go on… I have always felt so bless and inspired by the people around me that have allowed me to witness the true benefits of running your own business, in particular the women in my life who continue to smash it and show me what is possible.

What will I be blogging about

Most of the blog posts are going to be value-packed and full of actionable advice that you will be able to use to help you make informed decisions about your website choices, whether that be to improve your own website or seek professional help. I aim to fill the blog with advice, actionable tips, and maybe a few mini-trainings thrown in there for good measure too!

Who is this blog for?

Anyone who is either searching for more information about getting a website built and anyone who is building and maintaining their own website. If you want a dreamy website that serves you and your business with complete ease and just flows… You know the kind of websites that not only look beautiful but also functions perfectly and serve you at the highest level… If that’s what you are looking for from your website then this blog is for you! This is going to give you a gentle push in the right direction and help you understand the world of websites a bit better. As well as a deeper insight into what it means to have a successful website for your business, and help you land those dream clients from every touchpoint on your website. Let’s get converting!

I hope this blog becomes your first point of contact when you need website advice and when you want to level up your website knowledge! Feel free to get in touch with me and reach out! If you give this post a read and you enjoy it let me know I would love to connect.

I hope you speak to you soon! 

Simeron xo


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