The Brand and Website Alignment Package.

Go from your current website giving you the ick! To having a website that actually communicates the value that you provide!

I see you girl! You created your website when you first started your business it was a headache and frustrating then and it is even worse now! The look of your website is giving you the ick and truly the website no longer aligns with your business that has pivoted and has grown so much since when you first started your business… So it is finally time to change that. You want to stand out as an authority and a total boss babe in the business world. You don’t want to be known as an Instagram business, you want to feel and be seen as a proper business owner! That is why this package is for you!  

Enough is enough GIRL! No more DIY NON converting websites out here!


The brand and website alignment package.

Is this package for you?

👉🏽 You have have been in business for a little while now, you are established, but you are now ready for the next chapter in your business. You want to move away from being an Instagram Business owner with a cringe worthy website that is starting to give you the ick and move into your CEO era where you are showing up as the industry leader that you are becoming. 


👉🏽 You are now at a place where you are striving for more from your business and you want to move into a more passive business model which doesn’t involve you being online all the time. You would rather be on the beach or really enjoying your slow morning whilst having a website that is going to bring in the leads for you.


👉🏽 Your original Canva brand is just not cutting it anymore and you want something that feels authentic to your business and will help you show up as an authority and actually reflect the value of the services that you provide.


👉🏽 You are fed up of using Stan Store and link tree and want something that looks professional so that you no long blend in as a vanilla Instagram business owner. 

Simeron looking down at her laptop and working - website designer

Are you ready for these shifts in your business?

INVESTMENT: On request


So what does this transformation process look like? This is step by step the transformation journey we will go on together, and exactly how we will make best use of your investment so that you feel like the confident online CEO business owner that you are!

Image of Simeron flicking through notes, and with her laptop website designer

We start with a introductory strategy call followed by the purpose aligned branding session.

INVESTMENT: On request
Simeron working on her laptop coding

Once you are happy with you purpose led brand we jump on our web design call

Picture of owner Simeron drinking hot chocolate

We then make sure you are happy with EVERYTHING, this is your new purpose aligned branding and website, so the final sign off it always by you!

Simeron sitting on a sofa with her laptop and note book - Female web designer

LAUNCH DAY! Once you are happy with everything we get your website and new branding launched


Get everything you need to transform your business from being an Instagram business to being an authority building CEO. Here is everything that is included in this incredible offer!

Purpose aligned

Authority building
Web design

Get this whole transformation in a 2 week turn around

Want a website designer but also want to know to know what is it like to work with us?

Check out some of the testimonials and screenshots I have had from people who have already worked with us in the past and have shared their experiences.

website designer

Not just another Branding and Web design package... Meet your designer Simeron 👋🏽

With over 10 years of industry experience and 4 years of running my own business I know what it takes to create a authority building STAND OUT website that is as unique as you are and the value that you provide to your ideal clients. Vanilla template websites are out and purpose led authority building websites are in. 


I am that designer that gets it when you say you want your website to flow and communicate your brand values. 


We know that time is everything in business and that is what makes this offer truly shine! An aligned brand and strategic SEO led website for your business in 2 weeks! With 40% off right now for the first 5 people it is honestly a no brainer. It is time to tick the website and branding off your business to-do list! 


Take the leap from Instagram business owner, to high-ticket landing CEO where being the go-to person in your niche is the norm!



Introductory beta offer £1920

Get a FREE links page for your socials

Payment plan


£1920 – 2 payments of £960 

For 2 months

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? You aren't the only one... Here are some of the most common questions when it comes to web design and branding packages. If your question isn't here or you have more questions feel free to get in contact and I would be more than happy to help.

I don’t create the website content, however I know first hand how hard it can be to create your own website content. That is why I provide a whole website content planner to help you with you website. You get this right at the start of the process so that you can work through it before we get to designing and building your website. The document is filled with resources and prompts to help you create content design for your ideal clients and your website. 

You do need 90% of your content ready if you want to work with me. This is mainly so that we are both able to stick to the project deadlines and get everything delivered on time. I provide a super easy to use content guide which means you can have all of your website content ready in no time at all! DM me and I will send you a free copy of this. 

To secure a slot to work with me requires a £200 deposit. This allows us to book out the time that you would like so that we can meet you launch date. You can put a deposit down at any time and move it once if you need to.


The £200 comes off the price of the website build. 


You can put a £200 deposit down for a website in Jan, and book your slot in for April is that is what works for you. This way if you are booking at an introductory rate you can book a package slot at a great price and get your website made later once you have secured a great price. 


When the work starts this is when you would make the first payment and the your second payment would be due exactly 4 weeks from the same date. 

Yes! You can swap out pages that don’t align with your business for pages that are better suited. 

Yes definitely! You can make this package your own by adding custom extras, such as a social media links page, a blog, another services page, or sales page, whatever best suits your business. 


The price per additional page starts from £150 per page and goes up from there, depending on the type of page you want to add, e.g. a links page would be round the £150 mark and a sales page would be closer to the £300 / £350 mark. 

As soon as you are ready, get in contact with me and we will book your slot in which is secured by a signed contact and paid invoice. Once that is one your slot is booked and you can start working on your content, and we can book the next available slot that best suits the both of us. 

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